The Self Experiment: Part 3, responding to distractions

Where did the time go? I suppose it is like all journeys, you get delayed, distracted, re directed (an outside influence) or just plain held up sometimes. Perhaps you lose interest or the journey becomes too difficult and there is no one to encourage you at a key point.


I am still very interested in both this experiment and learning about ‘self’ but life happens! I have had to think about how I can fit things in and record my thinking so I can easily return to the same point and carry on without too much time taken up without the need to cover the ground again. The book I am reading is a help in regard at the moment and that is rather interesting and raises a question. Did the author recognise the problems his audience will face and build in the support that would be needed at various points in the text? It would be interesting to know if he did. An interesting concept though and could it be achieved in all circumstances given the complex nature of learning. Perhaps we are more predictable in our learning needs than we think?


Back to the journey. How far have I got? Well I have told other people about my journey, I am sharing. This is not as easy as you would think. I have faced some challenges as to why and what will I get out of it. When I say it is an instinct that started it and I don’t know what I will get out of it there are some puzzled looks. It would appear some people need to know the value of the outcome before willing to invest in the journey.


Keeping track. My way of overcoming the recording my thinking is a series of notes on the pages of the book and a small notebook which I keep at hand. Not very e-learning but it is working for me at the moment and since a soak in the bath is part of the learning process fairly safe! I have also began to Tweet ‘insights’ and summaries as I go, sort of ‘postcards’ sent home to let people know where I am!

What I have read so far suggests the following about ‘self’.

 Self features a lot in our language: behave yourself, you are not yourself, being self assured, self motivated, being selfish, self-centred, show self control, self-help books, myself, help yourself etc. I could be that anything that is important tends to feature more often in language. This would indicate ‘self’ is important to us.

  • The concept of self is not associated with any organ in the body other than the brain.
  • There is no ‘self’ centre in the brain.
  • We have an image of self that we develop.
  • Self is a reflection and can change according to your social environment.
  • Self is a set of behaviours others are accustomed to.
  • Self appears to provide some behavioural control function.

Not sure of my next stop but keep an eye out for Twitter postcards


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