Designing First Class Resources

Resources that Rock!

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Using the principles and ideas in this publication from Advocating Creativity you will learn the simple but effective aspects of producing resources that:

  • engage learners
  • recognise and acknowledge learning
  • enhance learning opportunities
  • provide feedback and feed forward
  • help in planing future learning tasks.

One type of resource a teacher may use is the worksheet involving a pre-prepared task. The worksheet may be deployed to support independent learning, provide work whilst the teacher supports individual students, check learning and understanding or merely as a standby just in case.

Young boy doing homework

Whatever the reason the humble worksheet has a bad press, especially among students who see it more often than not as a punishment. You can understand this view on a number of levels.

Problem 1

The first is it fails to meet the students need to belong, to be part of a relationship with the teacher. It is a form of independent working containing instructions and tasks to be completed without the assistance of the teacher. Worse still it forms part of a punishment strategy aimed at getting the student to conform by withdrawing contact with the teacher, in effect isolation from the rest of the group.

Problem 2

The second is that it is seen as more work. Having finished the set tasks and in order to occupy them until the end of the lesson they are given a worksheet to complete on their own. This strategy can be seen used with gifted learners who often complete tasks ahead of the rest of the class and it is seen as a legitimate strategy to use by the teacher.

Problem 3

The third problem can be that the worksheet is badly designed and laid out and students find them difficult to access or understand what it is they should be doing.

Problem 4

A further problem is the lack of feedback or opportunity for feedback (teacher to student and visa versa) and feedforward (agreed future learning strategies) within the worksheet. A space for teacher or student comment is often forgotten and not catered for. This further emphasises the time filling role worksheets often perform.

The result

So you now see why giving out a worksheet may be met with groans and moans! Given how much time is required to prepare worksheets and the time they occupy students it would be in everyone’s interests to do a better job.

The humble worksheet can be elevated to a resource that motivates, engages, stretches, challenges and rewards with a little bit of thought and preparation. It can become a Resource that Rocks! 

I have written a guide to designing and reviewing resources that will do just that. It is the full version of the very popular Teaching Ideas series available from ace-d’s website “Worksheets that Work”.

Resources that Rock!

Using the guide you will have a clear understanding of how to design worksheets and other resources that actually work. That is they overcome the problems highlighted here and are no longer seen as a punishment or a time filling exercise.

You can download “Resources that Rock”  from the ace-d website or use the Buy Now button below.

It is priced at £4.00 which is not a great deal to pay for a resource that will provide you with everything you need to know about designing and producing engaging and motivational resources.

Evaluating existing resources

In addition the guide includes a comprehensive check list for evaluating any resource you may be using or thinking of buying. Resources that Rock could save you more than you think both in time, money and dealing with disengaged students.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, and it is, but it is one where I know you the teacher will benefit from. I would not have spent hours and hours developing this resource based on years of experience and the testing of concepts and ideas if I did not believe both teachers and students deserved better.

So you have a choice – boring old worksheets or Resources that Rock!

Here are some examples of resources produced using the principles and ideas in the guide “Resources that Rock”

example pagesBuy NowClick this link to but Resources that Rock for only £4.00. You will be able to download and print your copy straight away.  Rock on!

Apologies for that last “Rock on” comment – just happened to be in the moment 🙂


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