Just what is “e-learning”?


e-learning  and Learning Intelligence

In my list of skills for Learning Intelligence (LQ) I listed “e-learning” and I have been intent on dissecting the term in order to develop a clear understanding of the activities involved in the process.  There is no doubt that the technologies and information available through e-learning can significantly impact the learning environment but what does it involve as far as the learner is concerned? This is my first attempt at answering that question and is work in progress. I would encourage you to leave a comment if you think there are some aspects missing or if you think that those that are there need refining.

My list of skills (and possibly behaviours) associated with e-learning:

  • How to carry out effective online searches
  • Ready to accept and able to adapt emerging technologies
  • How to use social media responsibly and effectively to build support and learning networks
  • How to take images and make videos that are professional looking
  • How to evaluate websites and online tools for credibility
  • How to post on social media whilst managing one’s digital footprint
  • How to produce professional looking documents and graphics
  • Proficient in the production of resources through online collaboration and review

teacher and class

Seeking your views

So there you have it. What would you add or change and why?

If you would rather not leave a comment but still wish to make a contribution then please contact me directly at kevin@ace-d.co.uk

This post has led to the identified and described 7 e-learning skills listed in the article published on 10th January 2015. You can see it here. My thanks to those who contributed to the development of the 7 skills of e-learning skills of Learning Intelligence.



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