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The DfE are consulting on the vision for a world-class teaching profession. The launch date was the 9th January and responses have to be in by 3rd February.

Link: DfE_cons_overview_document_template_for_World_Class_Teachers_Consultation_voo3BR (1)

They are wishing to use Twitter too using the hashtag #worldclassteachers.

“We would also like to stimulate a debate through social media channels, and would encourage use of the Twitter hashtag #worldclassteachers. This hashtag will be monitored, and a digest of relevant posts will be included in the evidence summary.”

There is a feedback meeting leading on from the consultation taking place in Nottingham on the 7th of February.

Details here:

Advocating Creativity has made a response and I thought you may like to see it. You can download it here: A_World-Class_Teaching_Profession_download_response_form Kevin Hewitson Advocating Creativity Ltd



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