Meeting Learning Needs

Just had to post this link. Watch it and then consider the “lesson planning” that went in to including this aspect of our learning needs, that of “fun”. And if you were there you would have a common bond you share with the other who also saw it, hence we have the second need addressed, that of “belonging”. He also starts of by purporting to offer “choice”, our third learning need. How did he account for the final learning need, that of voice? Very clever indeed.


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"4c3d" (AcEd) is the abbreviation for Advocating Creativity in education, a company I set up to challenge how we think about and deliver education. The blog champions my concept of Learning intelligence, how we manage our learning environment to meet our learning needs as well as detailing those needs: Power Belonging, Choice and Fun - PBCF. Kevin Hewitson 2019

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