TeachMeet Prep (Now with slide show)

Here are the 10 questions I have asked people to consider before attending the ATLLeicsTM in order to prepare for my talk on “Cracking the Learning Code”

#1) Take a moment to remember what motivated you to become a teacher.1416130133_woman_remembering

#2) Remember the challenges you have faced and overcome as a teacher.

challenge climb

#3)  How many times has your passion & the challenges you face taken you out of your comfort zone?

challenge magic

#4) Consider where you get the most energy, the greatest motivation for teaching from.energy

#5) Think about how we identify and recognise learners and their needs.Teacher and Class 3

#6) Think about the demands and challenges we face meeting learning needs.boy 2

#7)  Ask yourself are you at your best as a teacher when you are stressed?baby cry

#8)  Take a moment to consider where the stress comes from in teaching.  Tired Owl

#9)  Does working strategically rather than re-actively lesson the demands on your time?

Teaching and Learning Responibility diag v2

#10) What % of active and passive learning takes place in your lessons? CH6uxusWwAAyJmb


Following the Teach Meet I have attached the slides I used to introduce the concept of Learning Intelligence.

Here is to creating life long learners who can take control of their learning environment.


Cracking the learning code LQ shared show


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"4c3d" (AcEd) is the abbreviation for Advocating Creativity in education, a company I set up to challenge how we think about and deliver education. The blog champions my concept of Learning intelligence, how we manage our learning environment to meet our learning needs as well as detailing those needs: Power Belonging, Choice and Fun - PBCF. Kevin Hewitson 2019

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