The Value of Play Before Formal Education Starts

Charlotte and David are part of the future of education – well if we listen to them.

The Learning Renaissance


One of the great joys of being involved in the future of learning is that you come across a large number of well-informed and passionate people who are in possession of a significant piece of the jigsaw that goes to make the future of learning.

One of these people is Charlotte Davies who is involved in the removing hurdles to successful learning, both through the Tomatis system of aural analysis and in the wider preparation of children to become effective learning.

A key theme of her work is that children are being rushed into formal learning in schools before they are developmentally ready to access such learning. Conversely, denying children learning in play means that they are ill-equipped to cope in formal learning situations and cannot grasp the conceptual learning on offer.

The most progressive learning nations recognise this. Finland has always delayed access to formal educational settings to ensure…

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