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TeachMeet Prep (Now with slide show)

Here are the 10 questions I have asked people to consider before attending the ATLLeicsTM in order to prepare for my talk on “Cracking the Learning Code”

#1) Take a moment to remember what motivated you to become a teacher.1416130133_woman_remembering

#2) Remember the challenges you have faced and overcome as a teacher.

challenge climb

#3)  How many times has your passion & the challenges you face taken you out of your comfort zone?

challenge magic

#4) Consider where you get the most energy, the greatest motivation for teaching from.energy

#5) Think about how we identify and recognise learners and their needs.Teacher and Class 3

#6) Think about the demands and challenges we face meeting learning needs.boy 2

#7)  Ask yourself are you at your best as a teacher when you are stressed?baby cry

#8)  Take a moment to consider where the stress comes from in teaching.  Tired Owl

#9)  Does working strategically rather than re-actively lesson the demands on your time?

Teaching and Learning Responibility diag v2

#10) What % of active and passive learning takes place in your lessons? CH6uxusWwAAyJmb


Following the Teach Meet I have attached the slides I used to introduce the concept of Learning Intelligence.

Here is to creating life long learners who can take control of their learning environment.


Cracking the learning code LQ shared show

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