After 32 years of teaching, I left the classroom to explore the science behind the art of teaching and to offer creative solutions to the problems faced by schools, teachers and learners. The last three years have been an exciting time and my bookshelf is beginning to complain. I have really enjoyed the freedom I have had to explore the many aspects of teaching and learning and now I am beginning to bring my own focus to issues and suggest solutions.  More of me and my journey later.

The above was written at the start of my new learning journey, some 10 years ago. I am still exploring but have found my voice and a narrative that is as important and relevant today as it always has been. Relationships are at the heart of teaching and learning. If you want to improve the outcomes of teaching then you don’t focus on testing, inspection or regulation, you focus on building effective learning relationships. I have now published through Critical Publishing my first book for teachers and leaders in schools and those who work to train and develop teachers. It’s called ‘If you can’t reach them you can’t teach them. Building effective learning realtionhsips.’ and you can find a review by  UKEdChat here: https://ukedchat.com/2021/03/16/reach-teach-book/



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