The Learning Equations

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Q1 Just what motivates us to learn and has an impact on that process?

Q2 Is there a formula for learning?

Just two questions that most teachers ask themselves at some point. Here are my ideas for the “Learning Equation

  1. Success = effort x talent
  2. Talent = positive experience x repetition
  3. Effort = application x time
  4. Application = interest x success
  5. Motivation = engagement x reward
  6. Reward = success x acknowledgement
  7. Interest = curiosity x access
  8. Engagement = creativity – (barriers + limitations)
  9. Problem solving = motivation
  10. Repetition = effort + application + motivation
  11. Limitations = engagement / (- beliefs)
  12. Creativity = problem solving
  13. Positive experience = (+beliefs)

It is interesting to experiment with substituting terms in different equations. For example:

In place of “interest” we have “curiosity x access” and for “success” we have “effort x talent

Application = (curiosity x access) + (effort x talent)

You can of course build new equations. For example:

Problem solving +Effort = (engagement x reward) + ((interest x success) x time)

Thus in order to solve problems you need to be able to engage in the process which means you need a certain level or knowledge or understanding. This in turn will require some effort on your part before you start but this needs to carry with it some form of reward (not delayed gratification). Getting this right provides for motivation, shown as (interest x success) which emphasises the need to look on failure as a path to success in order to maintain interest. All of this requires time which is an essential aspect of the process of problem solving and which sets constraints under which make the best of efforts.

Of course this all makes perfect sense to the “analytical” minds out there.

If you have a more holistic approach then this probably makes no sense at all!



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