The 7 e-learning skills of Learning Intelligence

E-learning skills for managing your learning environment.


Technology has the capacity to allow us to break out of any contrived education system and expose the motivation behind it but only if we master it and are not mastered by it.

Learning Intelligence, LQ, is about the skills, attitudes, attributes and behaviours we require in order to manage our learning environment to meet our learning needs and therefore cannot ignore the opportunities technology makes available.

We have to be careful though that we do not swap one restrictive environment for another, that we extend the limitations and controlled focus of education into the infinite and complex environment that is technology. We need to master the technology so it becomes our tool and the technological environment so that it provides for our learning needs. We need to do this being aware of bias, by respecting views and opinions and by contributing through our own original or derived content, acknowledging both the source and foundation of it honestly.

The term e-learning is used with LQ to describe the management of technology and the environment it creates to meet our learning needs. It is not about publicising our opinions or views or persuading others to our cause. It is about using technology to overcome those aspects or elements of our learning environment that are prohibiting us from learning or that make learning harder than it needs to be. It is about being able to go exploring ideas in a ways unique to the technological environment so that we can creatively create useful resources that we can use to assist us in our learning journey.  To this end I have refined the list of e-learning skills to those listed here.

e-learning revised

So there you have the 7 e-learning skills that are part of LQ, so far anyway!

If you would like contribute or challenge any of the above please send me your thoughts.

The asterisk indicates a contribution by those named through an online discussion about e-learning.


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About AcEd

"4c3d" (AcEd) is the abbreviation for Advocating Creativity in education, a company I set up to challenge how we think about and deliver education. The blog champions my concept of Learning intelligence, how we manage our learning environment to meet our learning needs as well as detailing those needs: Power Belonging, Choice and Fun - PBCF. Kevin Hewitson 2019

4 responses to “The 7 e-learning skills of Learning Intelligence”

  1. Svetlana Kandybovich says :

    That’s a really comprehensive list of skills! I’d also include time management.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 4c3d says :

      Thanks for the suggestion. Do you mean in spending an appropriate amount of time on an activity, regulating the use of time, or in meeting deadlines? Or both?


      • Svetlana Kandybovich says :

        I see it a bit wider. Well, I’m not an expert in online learning and collaboration – I’m just testing the waters, so to speak. Yet, what I’ve noticed is that the efficiency of online learning, just like any other self-directed activity, depends a lot, among other things, on how effectively we set goals and priorities, set one’s own deadlines and allocate an appropriate amount of time to meet them. So, I’d probably put time management as a set of skills in setting goals, priorities, planning and making constructive use of time – spending an appropriate amout of time, regulating the use of time and meeting deadlines…In the end, it’s all about the time, isn’t it?:)

        Liked by 1 person

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